The painter


Painter typical Madrid. Born in 1956 in La Paloma Street.

Since childhood, his passion was painting. He began his career painting learning and mastering the art of charcoal and pen, to pass, at age 16, to work the oil, forming a workshop of Art, and drinking in the work of the classics.

With some urban character in its themes, José Luis Gata works, however, all the 'records', as the figure, landscapes or seascapes, as well as its latest approach to abstract.

From the age of 20 years, his work has been appreciated and awarded

1976                Exhibition Arenas de S. Pedro, Ávila

1977                First award Distrito  Mediodía, Madrid

1977                Exhibition Piedralaves, Ávila

1978                Award Accesit Exhibition Caja de Ahorros Monte de Piedad de Madrid

1980                Exhibition Salón de Otoño, León

1986                Exhibition Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid

1987                Showroom Hotel Wellington, Madrid

1988                Showroom Hotel Meliá Corona de Aragón, Zaragoza

1988                Art Gallery Rembrandt, Madrid

1989                Art Gallery Velázquez, Valladolid

1991                Art Gallery Xeito, Madrid

1993                Showroom Club Zayas, Madrid

1999                Export de su obra a EE.UU.

2001                Business premises S. Cayetano, Madrid

2004                Shopping center Plaza Norte2, Madrid

Since then, Jose Luis has exhibited his work at various locations in Madrid.

Now it's time to open the door also to the network.